What’s in store
at Newlink Energy

Greater convenience. More comfort.

your car

The first hint that Newlink Energy petrol stations are different can be seen when you first drive in. Yes, you’ll find fuel bowsers with quality fuels on offer, plus the windscreen washers, water and other items for your car that you’d expect to find. What you might be surprised to see is how modern and clean our forecourts are and the inclusion of recharging facilities for electric vehicles.

Refuel your body

Step inside a Newlink Energy store and you’ll start to see big differences. For starters, the modern, clean and professional approach of our fuel forecourts is replicated in-store.

Inside, you’ll find the snacks, drinks and other conveniences you’ve come to expect from a petrol station and a whole lot more.

There’s even online ordering. Plus, you can organise to have meals and groceries delivered to your door.

It’s all designed for comfort and convenience, and to help make your life easier.

In store kitchen
prepared meals

  • Fresh sandwiches, rolls, hamburgers, soups, pies and other ready-made meals. All our ready-to-eat food is cooked on the premises.
  • Ready made desserts to tempt your sweet tooth.
  • Fruit for the health conscious.
  • Frozen meals and foods.
  • Pantry items that will leave you thinking you’re in a larger grocery store, rather than a petrol station.
  • Barista-made coffee, thickshakes and other beverages.
  • Flowers, toiletries and much more.

Stay a while.

While most petrol stations want to get you in and out of their stores as quickly as possible, we welcome you to stay. All our stores provide comfortable and clean dining areas for you to enjoy a meal, read the paper, catch up with work or simply relax.

As well as a barista-made coffee or other beverage, you can enjoy freshly-made cakes, muffins and other bakery items. Or grab one of our ready-made meals or desserts for something more substantial.

You can also purchase a wide selection of newspapers and magazines to read while you relax.

It’s all part of Newlink Energy’s approach of providing a better, more modern petrol station experience.